Durham’s Lumiere Festival started in 2009 and the perpetrators are still at large. We have gathered video evidence of the gangs involved over the years and with your help, we will bring them to justice to make sure this never happens again.

We have established a pattern of activity in which the offenders strike every second year, and we predict that the upcoming 2019 Durham Lumiere Festival will be on 14-17 November, between 4.30 pm and 11 pm each night. According to police intelligence, there will be 37 different exhibitions of criminal luminosity, 26 of which will be outside the central peninsula area where tickets are required.

Online ticket sales are now closed, but you can see all the info about this year’s Lumiere here.

Here are some chilling video highlights of previous Lumiere riots. As you can see, it’s total chaos:

2009 Durham Lumiere Festival 

Not the best quality, but this is the only video we can find from 2009.

2011 Durham Lumiere Festival

Courtesy of Durham Telly, which sadly no longer makes videos. We miss you!

2013 Durham Lumiere Festival

Really nice work here by Andy Martin.

2015 Durham Lumiere Festival

Good clear footage of the Cathedral, courtesy of Jonathon Clegg.

2017 Durham Lumiere Festival

Durham Council’s promotional video.

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Cover Photo by John Lord

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