Fine art is fine Salvador Dali Exhibition here in Durham, Saturday 11th June

The University College of St John, Durham, is offering a display of the surrealist’s art works, some 100 items, produced by Salvador Dali dating from 1964.

Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marqués de Dalí de Pubol, known as Salvador Dali, a native of Spain, his work is for many the epitome of surrealist art, although some would say it is disturbing and odd. The new display put on by St Johns College is of his more orthodox religious works, many of which are fine work and thought provoking, which is how art should be. Love him or not Dali is a master worthy of his place in the pantheon of ‘the greats.’

For the uninitiated surrealism is a cultural style originating in the 1920’s, it’s aim was to “resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality”. The exponents would have tended to take a very different, avant garde, view of the world, a view that is rather like Marmite (TM), you love it or you hate it.

Pictures of the man himself with his upswept mustache and manic staring eyes show him as a bizarre character, no surprise then that his art work is very different.

We recommend a journey through this man’s art work, observers can be assured that his art work will be provocative but enjoyable. Dali makes people think about and challenge what they see, contrast that with similar artistic representations in the Cathedral, and elsewhere, and one’s perceptions may just change. Interesting.

A word of warning the displays are spread throughout the College and there are stairs to climb along the way.

The College at South Bailey is close to very good car parking.


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  1. Thank you Sarah, I too love challenging art and Dali is certainly challenging. I am hoping to have the opportunity to write about Hieronymus Bosch one day soon, if you like dystopian art you will love this mans work.


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