Night Owls presenter Alan Robson brought his popular Facebook live paranormal show to Bishop Auckland to investigate supernatural phenomena in the town.

Alan, who has a host of talents including author, TV presenter, radio phone-in host and the paranormal investigator told listeners the gruesome story of serial killer Mary Ann Cotton and set off on a tour of the town in her footsteps. He visited Bakehouse Hill where her ghost apparently wanders and The Sportsman public house where he conducted a full investigation.

Diane Alderson from Willington and Angie Fielding from Hunwick run a gift shop in the town’s Fore Bondgate called Labyrinth. Alan and his team visited the shop due to its previous incarnation as an apothecary, a druggist or chemist’s store. Legend has it that Mary Ann Cotton purchased the arsenic from the area and it is possible that this very shop was where she used to buy the drugs that killed her family members.

“We’ve seen and heard all sorts in the shop,” said Angie. “We know it’s hundreds of years old and things creak with age, but we often sense an oppressive feeling and notice that items have moved location overnight when the shop is locked up.”

Diane agreed, “We even have customers coming in and telling us that they sense something. It’s all very strange but it’s still a great place to work and shop.”

During Alan’s visit to Labyrinth, he experienced voices, a ghostly shape in a darkened back room and an electrical force that prevented the live signal from going out despite being tested only hours earlier.

The show can be seen at

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