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I work with business people all over North East England on a daily basis, and since I also network at digital marketing conferences, I get to talk to business and marketing people from around the world. Regardless of the knowledge that’s out there, the truth is most business websites out there have horrendously awful content.

Sorry. I’m probably talking about your website.

Here’s a great example of the first paragraph from a car showroom I spoke to this morning (I have changed the identity and locations for obvious reasons):

Our Car Showroom in London is your source of car showroom and cars for sale. If you’re looking for cars in London, London car sale, car showrooms in London, or cars for sale in London. We’re located on London but serve the Bromley, Camden, City of London, Croydon, Ealing, Enfield, Greenwich, Hackney, Harrow and more in the entire London area. Our car showroom has great deals near London, so come see us at Car Showroom in London, right in the heart of London.

It’s not just car sales people either, I’ve seen solicitors stuff local keywords into their website copy too, and tradesmen website aren’t far away in the spammiest content awards.

Yes, it’s important to include the location of your business on your website, but let’s not mention London 5 times on the first sentence of your website. Hopefully you get my point and you’re laughing right now because it’s ridiculous, right? This terrible type of content is written in the name of ‘search engine optimisation’. But guess what? It does not work, you’re not magically going to be #1 on Google. For that to happen, you must produce quality content that real customers will want to read.

So, now I’ve blown off some steam for the day, I’m going to provide a piece of advice that’s guaranteed to help you get better at local digital marketing for your website.

Attract more local customers with digital marketing

#1 Tip – Generate local interest with local content. Sounds simple right?

I run four local magazines in the North East of England. These printed magazines are all available online and provide each of their respective areas with community focused content. My company, Firefly New Media UK have an ideal platform for North East companies to reach their local audience with good quality content.

The articles we publish in the magazines are entirely focused on local news, current events, and a range of other locally sourced content. So, you can imagine these North East England focused websites receive lots of quality local traffic from across the region in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Durham, Consett, and Sunderland; plus it makes it easier for advertising clients to focus their advertising on specific areas or the entire North East.

From my time working with hundreds of businesses wishing to cash in on the ‘digital gold rush’, I’ve found only a handful of companies truly understand and harness the full power of digital marketing.

Please remember, if your website content is considered quality, it’s in a better position to not only generate organic traffic but to also be pitched to referral websites (i.e to gain more publicity for your business.

Join hundreds of businesses across the North East who’ve taken advantage of local digital marketing by calling me on 0191 394 1266 or visit my website: to find out what Firefly New Media do for their clients.

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