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While free website solutions might seem attractive – especially for new businesses with a small budget – given the average price of a new website is around £5000.00; many businesses just don’t want to spend that kind of start-up capital on one.

The big question many new companies face is “do you make the leap and hire an outside web company to design a new site? Or, do you try to figure it out for yourself?”

‘The advantages of employing a web design firm to manage your new website are very obvious.’

In business, the people who understand what they are good at and what they are not, are the one’s who tend to succeed. For a few, delegating comes easily, maybe too easy. For others who are perfectionists, letting go of even the most trivial task is almost impossible.

Having an outside team handle your website will free you up to tackle the other important things your company needs to devote time and energy to in order to survive.

Bringing in an experienced web design team will absolutely make your company appear more professional, and could convert into some serious business leads.

Durham Based Website Design Company

Firefly New Media announced recently that it was to offer a free website design service with a small management fee. The company understands and supports their clients online presence and brand.

According to Barry Kirkham, Firefly’s founder, “What is the point of a Website if you never update it? It’s like having a shop window and never changing what’s in it. We provide you with a complete website solution and will maintain your entire online marketing strategy.

Need an update? Give us a call. Need an email campaign sent to 2000 customers? Give us a call. Need us to auto-post your latest offer across all your social platforms? That’s right, call us, whatsapp us, email us, facebook us whatever’s most convenient for you. And we do all this from just £99 a month. Firefly create beautifully designed and fully functional websites for free, then just pay us to manage it for you, stress free.”

Firefly have created websites for all types of businesses including tradesmen, nursery schools, dental practices, veterinarians, training providers, and much more. Every website crafted by Firefly is mobile friendly, meaning that no matter what type of device someone is using, they will be able to see and navigate around a client’s site with ease. The future of the internet is mobile, Kirkham added. Over the past few years, more and more people have been accessing the web through mobile devices than through traditional computers or laptops. It is vital that all businesses have a mobile friendly Website.

You can reach Barry and the Firefly Team on 01207 438 292 or 0800 955 1266 for a no obligation chat and advice about how your website can work harder for you in 2016.

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