Do you ever think about how much money and energy you waste by leaving lights on unnecessarily?

Here are some sobering statistics. Leaving just one light on overnight can cost a business £24 per year. By ensuring four lights in a workplace are switched off every night, businesses could save as much CO2 per year as is produced by 20 car trips from London to Paris.

Ensuring 10 lights are switched off every night for a year could save as much as CO2 as cutting out 25 flights from London to New York. Lighting a typical office overnight for just one night can waste the amount of energy needed to make 1,000 cups of tea.

The County-Durham-based business Dyer Engineering has managed to cut thousands of pounds in costs just by being more energy efficient.

Dyer Engineering contacted the Business Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP) for a free energy audit, which identified where the firm could cut energy expenses across its seven production facilities.

BEEP, which is led by Durham County Council and supported by the European Regional Development Fund, helps small companies by suggesting ways they can reduce energy consumption.

The audit found that Dyer Engineering’s lights were on for 24 hours a day, six days a week and BEEP proposed that a new lighting system should be installed.

Dyer Engineering worked with Carbon8Lighting to replace their old fittings with a range of specialised Discus Gen2 high bay fittings, adapted for different parts of the company’s operations.

The firm’s consumption of lighting-related energy has gone down by around 220,000 kilowatts per year, saving the company around £30,000 per annum.

Dyer Engineering received a £9,954 grant from the Business Energy Efficiency Project to help with the costs of installing the new system.

The managing director of Dyer Engineering, Graeme Parkins, said, “The BEEP team have been great. The process was quick, straightforward and reliable – everything you want when you’re running a busy business.”

“Furthermore, the improvement to the quality of light has been remarkable.”

BEEP project manager, Calum Baker, said, “We were delighted when Dyer Engineering contacted us and said they wanted to look at their energy consumption and how it can be improved.”

“Many businesses don’t realise the vast savings they could make by changing what seems a small part of the business, like lighting.”

“Once businesses start to see savings, they want to find out more.”

“We’re now working with Dyer to look at improving the energy efficiency of its heating system.”

“We want to help as many businesses as we can so I’d tell any County Durham SME to get in touch with BEEP.”

The BEEP team can offer free energy audits, advice and support to small businesses across County Durham. Some companies may qualify for grants.

Businesses can learn more by going to or emailing [email protected].

It is estimated that the UK wastes £170 million per year by leaving lights on unnecessarily. Recently, Durham County Council, Durham University and a number of County Durham schools participated in Earth Hour 2018 by switching all their lights off for a symbolic hour.  

(The featured image shows Calum Baker and Graeme Parkins with Durham County Council energy officer Malcolm Potter.)

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