Children of the Moor Part 2

Myra Hindley

Part two of Children of the Moor… because we all know there is another half to Ian Brady.

The year is 1942 in Manchester England, an ordinary day for most. But what we didn’t know was that an infamous killer graced the Earth for the first time this day. This woman never grew up with her parents, but instead with her grandmother. Her life was ordinary, until the age of 15 when she experienced the horrifying drowning death of her male friend, forcing her to move to a Catholic school after converting. It wasn’t until 1961 that she met the love of her life – who was recently in prison for several years. Soon, she would have no control over her own life… not that she wanted to.

This is the life of Myra Hindley.

If it wasn’t for Ian Brady, Myra Hindley would most likely never be where she is today. In fact, she would most likely be living out a normal life. She was blinded by love, and unfortunately, could no longer see their true colours beginning to blossom. To test how much she was willing to listen to Ian, plans of rape and murder were developed.

Moor Mysteries

July 1963

The first killing. Pauline Reade, the girl who would become the first of many of the Moors Murders. Four months later, poor 12-year-old John Kilbride disappeared and was never seen again.

June 1964

Keith Bennet. The next name on the list. Again, disappeared to the Moors. Boxing Day. 10-year-old Lesley Ann Downey from her local fairground. Children disappearing became usual for the Moors, but no one seemed to know where. Or why?

October 1965

Police were finally informed, with David Smith (Brother-In-Law) admitting to witnessing the murder of 17-year old Edward Evans with an axe. Poisoned with terror, he helped to conceal the body but informed the police with where Brady had to admit to hiding the Moors children.

Trial and Justice

Two couple were put on trial on April 27th 1966 where both pleaded not guilty. However, with substantial evidence against the pair, they were sentenced to life imprisonment for several accounts of murder.

The year 1970 would be the year that Hindley stopped all contact from Brady, continuing to admit her innocence. She also started a campaign in order to try winning back her freedom. She became the star of the media in 1987 when she confessed to the murders of the Moors children. Because of this, her applications for parole were denied.

In 2002, Myra Hindley passed away due to respiratory failure.

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