Durham County Council staff are working hard to ensure the county can keep moving, despite low temperatures and heavy overnight snowfalls.

Since the early hours of this morning, gritters and salters have been out working on priority one and two routes. They will continue to work throughout the day as necessary.

Traffic is moving on County Durham’s main roads, but people are advised to factor in time for delays when planning their journeys.

Council teams have also been working hard to keep footpaths clear in town and city centres and to ensure that priority areas, such as those around hospitals and medical centres, are kept safe and accessible.

Refuse and recycling collections are still taking place in areas where it is safe for crews to operate, but residents in some areas are advised that there may be disruptions to these services. Updates are being provided on the council’s social media pages.

A number of the county’s schools have been closed due to heavy snow. Parents can check for further details and when the schools are likely to reopen by going to www.durham.gov.uk, facebook.com/durhamcouncil and twitter.com/DurhamCouncil.

Though neighbourhood wardens have been checking up on vulnerable residents, people are encouraged to call on any friends, neighbours or relatives who might be in need of assistance.

Speaking earlier today, Durham County Council’s head of technical services, John Reed, said, “The snow fall has been pretty consistent throughout the morning, but we have had crews out gritting and ploughing throughout the night, which has helped keep traffic moving.”

“We will continue to target those areas most affected as the day progresses, but would encourage people to check our website and social media feeds for updates on all services.”

For more information, please go to www.durham.gov.uk, facebook.com/durhamcouncil or twitter.com/DurhamCouncil.

(The featured image shows a Durham County Council crew clearing footpaths in Tow Law.)

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