As Christmas approaches residents in County Durham are being urged to keep up the area’s excellent recycling effort.

Durham County Council is reminding people to only use the council-provided glass recycling boxes when recycling glass and not use other receptacles such as crates, or cardboard boxes, helping collection teams in the process.

Over the upcoming festive period, 30 percent more glass bottles and jars, food and drinks cans, paper and cardboard will be thrown away.

Residents who don’t have a council box can ask for a free one on their Do It Online account, while extra ones are available for those who regularly have a lot of glass to recycle.

Residents should also put out their glass recycling boxes for every collection even if the box is not full in order to help spread out the amount of glass to be collected helping collection crews. Boxes should never be overfilled either.

Glass bottles and jars should not be placed in a blue-lidded bin as it will not be emptied due to potential contamination issues.

The council’s household waste recycling centres also accept glass if there is an excess amount that won’t fit in the kerbside box, while many supermarkets offer glass recycling facilities too.

John Shannon, Durham County Council strategic waste manager, said: “Residents in County Durham make a fantastic effort to recycle as much as they can including glass and we thank everyone who contributes to this.

“As we approach Christmas and this year particularly, as people continue to work from home, we anticipate seeing a big increase in waste being produced. With that in mind we want to remind residents to recycle as much as they can and if in doubt, check our website for what to recycle and where.

“Please use the council-provided recycling boxes only to dispose of your glass, never overfill them and if you have more glass to recycle please either wait until the next collection date or take it to one of our household waste recycling centres or a supermarket which offers glass recycling.”

For more advice about how to reduce waste and improve recycling around Christmas time go to

Residents can find their Do It Online account at

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