Durham Gates shopping centre’s £30m revamp to include a “boutique” cinema.

The Durham Gates Shopping Centre in central Durham City presently hosts more than 40 diverse retail shops augmenting the City centre by its presence and our local economy through investment, local taxes, and of course employing many local people. Beside the lovely River Wear the Durham Gates Shopping Centre the has for many years been a powerful asset to the commercial heart of our historic City. The Shopping Centre is located on the Western side of the river, between Framwellgate Bridge and Milburngate Bridge – it was once known as the Milburn Shopping Centre.

Owners Clearbell Capital is investing £30 million into rebranding the complex, reviving its appearance, and refurbishing its amenities including re naming the Gates Centre ‘The Riverwalk’.

The Building project includes the incorporation of a six screen cinema complex that is due to open in 2018 under the Odeon banner, this addition will bring a rich choice of entertainments into the center of the City much to the delight of locals, students and visitors to the City.

For shoppers, local people and tourists, there will be a number of restaurants, some big name brands to look out for, that will front onto the Riverside Promenade walkway that overlooks the River Wear. In all this development promises to be a delight to shop in and to visit with friends. The addition of 23 smartly refurbished shops will extend the outdoor aspect of the shopping Centre rather nicely whilst enriching the range of retail opportunities.

A nice touch is the provision for more than 250 student flats.

The Gates area of the city has long needed a tidy up, some of its newer constructions including the Gates Shopping Centre having become untypical of this beautiful and enduring City. It was due for a freshen up and that is exactly what we have here with all parts of the community benefiting from this very smart and newly refurbished complex. The people of Durham will benefit from the injection of investment, fresh shops drawing people into the Centre and attractions that will keep us entertained for years to come.

The refurbishment is on-going, shoppers are welcome as the shop s and the shopping center is open for business as usual.

By Roger Langley

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