Durham Student Accommodation Changes

Durham Students
Durham Students

The Changes Being Made to Make Building Student Accommodations Tougher

     Durham County Council are making plans to toughen the plans for anyone building student housing in Durham. They are currently set to approve of a new policy that would require developers to show that the building would have no negative impacts on the local area, as well as that the application supports the council’s current regeneration objectives. They would also have to show that the building would meet the need of student flats in that area.

   This has also led to an agreement to the introduction of an Article 4 direction for Durham City, as well as for Framwellgate Moor in the future. This would make developers need planning permission to convert homes into Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

Durham Student Accommodation Changes

   These changes have come after the rising concern about the spread of student accommodation, as well as a report saying that more than 4,000 new beds have been approved of in recent years, or are in the pipeline. Durham University, meanwhile, is expecting an increase of only 300 students by 2020.

   When speaking to cabinet member for economic regeneration, Nail Foster, he said: “Students are very welcome in Durham City and the council recognises the vital role they play in both the culture and economy of the county.” He continued on to say: “The consultation on the Article 4 Direction for Durham City demonstrated strong support for the proposal – this Article 4 Direction has now been confirmed and will come into force on September 17.”

   There have been critics in this decision, and one of the biggest arguments is a justifiable one. They find that this decision has taken too long because many of these sites have already been getting planning permission.

   Consent has been granted for thousands of beds in recent years, and a Peveril Securities £31m project to make the former County Hospital site, off North Road, into an accommodation for 363 students was already given permission March 7th.  

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