Durham University Lectures Aim to ‘Unpack Brexit’

Durham University Lectures Aim to 'Unpack Brexit'
A series of Durham University lectures aim to understand Brexit

Durham University is putting on a programme of public lectures that aim to ‘unpack’ some of the complex issues around Brexit. Experts will give talks looking into the legal, constitutional and economic consequences of Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

The talks will cover topics such as how Britain will go about negotiating its exit, how Brexit could impact the country’s economy and how Brexit might affect people’s fundamental rights.

The lectures will run until March 17th – around the time the government aims to invoke Article 50, which will formally signal Britain’s intention to leave the EU. The lectures will take place in Durham Law School.

Durham University Lectures Aim to 'Unpack Brexit'
Article 50 will start Britain’s withdrawal process

Professor Eleanor Spaventa, an expert on the internal market, free movement and fundamental rights in the EU, said,

“The only thing we know about Brexit is that it will take years to unravel the legal, political and economic issues arising from our withdrawal.”

Professor Spaventa, who is organising the lecture programme, went on to say, “We are also examining areas such as the impact of Brexit on medical law and the NHS, on intellectual property, fundamental rights and competition law.”

“We will also cast Brexit in its broader historical, political and economic perspective.”

Describing her talk, Professor Emma Cave, a specialist in healthcare law, said, “There are serious implications for health law and regulation in four key areas: staffing, access to treatment, regulation and research.”

“This lecture considers each of these areas in light of the current state of the NHS in an era of austerity where the NHS is both overstretched and under-doctored.”

Other talks will look at the EEA as a possible alternative to EU membership and the implications of Brexit for sovereignty, asylum seekers, and the business environment.

There will be lectures focusing on the reasoning behind the holding of the referendum in the first place and whether Brexit really will mean ‘taking back control’.

The lectures will take place in the Hogan Lovells Lecture Theatre, Durham Law School, Stockton Road, Durham. All lectures are open to the public though space may be limited in some. Anybody interested in attending can call 0191 3342830 or e-mail [email protected]. More information is available on the Durham University Website.

In the Brexit Referendum, 153,887 County Durham residents voted Leave while 113,521 voted Remain, despite the £129 million of funding promised to County Durham from the EU. This funding may now be at risk.


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