Durham County Council’s neighbourhood warden force was joined by the Durham Constabulary in overseeing a team of unpaid and, in some cases, elderly people as they tidied up Langley Park.

But this is not a scene from a dystopian future where no one is innocent and forced labour is back in fashion: it’s a volunteer based response to the absolute state of the pathways around Logan Street, Durham Street, Railway Street and George Street.

Elizabeth Howe, pictured above making off with a bag of laurel clippings, declared: “It’s brilliant everyone is being so enthusiastic about neighbourhood activities.”

Jim Smith, not pictured below (sorry, Jim), mentioned: “We’ve always done a lot of community work and we want to inspire more people around here to join in.”

Bill McArdle

Volunteers searched through rubbish looking for treasure, and gave trees and bushes a lesson in getting cut to pieces, which is what the trees deserved for getting in the way. The police’s most photogenic officers were on hand to hold tools in group photographs:

The Council’s Clean and Green Team provided tactical van support for urgent waste evacuation, and staff at the local Miners Institute served the hot drinks and sausage rolls.

Cllr Brian Stephens, imparted: “This was a fantastic result, the pathways look completely transformed. It’s been amazing to see such great team spirit. I’d like to thank all our partner agencies and volunteers for supporting us to respond to residents’ concerns.”

Jacki Metcalfe, police community support officer, elaborated: “We are always pleased to join forces with partners and local volunteers so we can work together to improve the community.”

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