Local Student Makes Good, Becoming President of the Students Union.

Durham born student Matt Evens has turned disappointment into success. The ‘A’ level student suffered a setback upon opening the notification of his ‘A’ level results, his grades were not quite good enough to secure him his first and second choice of university. This is an experience suffered by many and something dreaded by all, especially those youngsters and (their parents) who have worked for so long and so hard. However, Matt turned his discomfort into positive action and secured a place at The University of Hull where he is studying Biomedical Science, well done that young man.

Matt Evans hasn’t allowed his problematic start to academic life to get the better of him, he has knuckled down and done extremely well with his academic studies and has been elected to the post of President of the Students Union, after a year as Vice President. A fine example to us all. Life doesn’t come, for most of us, on a silver salver, most of us have to graft everyday of our lives. So, when we see an individual like Matt showing grit and determination, in character with a rather famous Brit, Sir Winston Churchill, who once said, ‘Never, never, never, never give in’, he is a fine example to us all.

Best wishes to all of our young people as they set off for their university experiences in the early Autumn, we trust they will all enjoy the success that they deserve and pass the baton on to the next crop of Durham lads and lasses who will follow them this time next year. The school terms will begin again in a couple of weeks and many bright youngsters will start to follow in Matts footsteps, and we wish them well too.

Durham’s best is Britain’s best


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