Pre-Application Open Days

Students wishing to enter Durham University, England’s premier ‘red brick’ University, should be actively planning now for the September 2016 intake. To facilitate prospective students in making the correct choice the University is running Pre Application Open Days for them to acquire all of the detailed information that they may need, for parents to get to see the University layout and understand what is likely to happen in term time, and for all concerned to visit the historical City of Durham and see what a grand place it is in which to study.

Pre-application Open Days for this year are on Monday 27th June, and Saturday 2nd July 2016.

Pre application days allow prospective students to establish full details about the courses that they wish to take, and about the University, its staff, and its ethos. For those planning to attend the University of Durham in September this is their chance to find out all that they need to know, including what will be expected of them whilst at the University.

Is it necessary to book in advance?

Booking is required on all of the Open Days, and for all of the sessions.

It is sensible to check in advance where the course that you wish to attend will be run; Durham Campus or Queens Campus, Stockton, dates will differ. There is an online course checker at on the University web site. There will be tours of each college available, students are advised to book onto the ones of their choice. The University of Durham web site provides access to all relevant information concerning booking.

All undergraduate departments will be represented and there will be at least one talk on each day. Most of these sessions will be hosted by the home department, on the department, using the largest available space for the sessions. Candidates are advised to visit a number of colleges to ensure that their choice is well informed.

Presentations are structured talks by academic staff outlining admissions criteria, and degree content with an introduction to the course. Drop in sessions are informal opportunities to visit the departments and speak with available staff. Students and their parents may attend presentations and talks if they wish.

Parents wishing to visit with the prospective students are welcome and must book their attendance and any sessions that they wish to attend also.

Booking of attendance is to establish numbers of visitors, and to provide information relevant to Health and Safety considerations.

Students, and their parents are advised to make the effort to visit on the Pre-Application Open Days to get a feel for the University, the Campus environs, and the City that hosts the University. Only by visiting and gaining invaluable information is it possible to maximise your chances of attending the University and your chances of securing a top quality degree that will set you up for life.


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