Children from Witton Gilbert Primary School have sent out a message of support.

The Year 6 pupils produced a positive music video to mark their last day in class, before the government-led national closures.
Although they are sad that they might not be able to complete Year Six in the usual way, they refuse to let themselves be beaten and have created their own lyrics and moves to the song ‘This is Me’, from the film The Greatest Showman.
With the support of their class teacher, Bethan Howells, the nine Year 6 pupils wrote new lyrics, planned the storyboard for the clips, and recorded the video in school.
The video, which has been published on the school website, aims to spread an uplifting message of reassurance to bring the community together.

Headteacher Paula Nelson said she was overwhelmed by the creativity which the students have demonstrated.
Mrs Nelson said: “We are all incredibly proud of our Year 6 children’s resilience and positivity at this very challenging time. They wanted to do something special, particularly because they don’t know if they’ll ever return fully to their primary school. Their creativity and teamwork was outstanding and we are all impressed with the result.”
Cllr Olwyn Gunn said: “It is fantastic to see pupils, staff and the wider school community come together to lift people’s spirits and show such positivity in a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

“These pupils have worked hard to put together this heart-warming video which I’m sure will encourage their fellow pupils and schools across the county to keeping showing each other support and not let the current climate ‘beat them down’.”

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