Referendum, what referendum?


In case you haven’t heard there will be a referendum about whether the Country should remain in the EU or leave. The referendum will be held on June 23rd, just three weeks away. Leaving the politics aside, we would simply urge people to vote, and not miss having their say.

Meanwhile, what can we all do to fill the time? For starters, the children will be back in school, so that will occupy many of us during the week with school runs and all of the many extracurricular activities that occur during term time.

Why not take a closer look at the City itself, many of us walk around town without actually seeing the beauty of many of our buildings, there are self-guided heritage walks that will maybe surprise even locals about the richness of the place in which we live.

On a sunny day why not take an educational stroll by the river and have a look at the birdlife, including the Heron, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Then there is Diggerland with fun for all. Experience the thrills of spinning around fast in a Giant Digger bucket on the Spindizzy ride, operating a Giant JCB 806 Digger, racing around in a Go-Kart, getting lifted 50ft in the air by the Skyshuttle, whirling around on the Dig-a-round, letting the kids drive a REAL car and so much more! In addition, Diggerland also boasts an indoor play area, souvenir gift shop and restaurant.

There is much to do and places around the County to visit, so for those wanting much needed relief from the endless television and radio coverage of that referendum worry not it will soon be over, bar the coverage of the outcome of course. Ho, hum…


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