Local groups helping people during the COVID-19 outbreak in Spennymoor have been given special monetary boosts to support their good work.

Spennymoor Area Action Partnership’s (AAP) Targeted Small Grants fund has been offering financial boosts of up to £500 to local groups that have stepped up to the COVID-19 emergency.

One such group that is benefiting from the extra money is a dedicated team pulling together care packages for vulnerable people in the area.

Organised by Spennymoor Town Council, funding from the Spennymoor AAP and housing provider Livin contributed to over 50 packages being shopped for and delivered.

Asda in Spennymoor allowed a special shop at 7am and provided 150 free bags for life. Council staff and members made up the packages back at the Town Hall and helped with delivery alongside volunteers from the Helping Spennymoor group and manager of The Learning Library, Marion Nelthorpe.

Spennymoor Police, The Learning Library, which works with children and young adults with Special Educational Needs, and Solan Connor Fawcett Family Cancer Trust supplied details of clients who needed an extra helping hand.

Jason Turnough, AAP co-ordinator at Durham County Council said: “We have been able to support groups that are really going the extra mile to help our local community. During difficult times, a little goes a long way and something as basic as a food shop can be extremely valuable.

“Thank you to all the people who are dedicating their time to helping others.”
Spennymoor AAP is one of 14 AAP’s, run by Durham County Council, working with communities to identify local priorities and implement actions required to address them.

The council also announced last week that an additional £1.4 million of funding would be allocated to its AAPs during the pandemic.

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