The Future of the Durham Light Infantry Museum

The Closure and What YOU Can Do About It

   In October of 2015, the Durham County Council’s Cabinet had decided to close the Durham Light Infantry Museum, due to the large cost of being able to use the building, as well as the investment and storage space available. This decision was met with many opinions, as the museum has been a large part of the community. The DLI Museum has since issued some answers to questions many people may have about what will happen to the collection that has been housed at the museum.

   One of the big concerns was: “Will I still be able to see the collection?” The answer is yes. The DLI plans to show the collection at temporary exhibits so that they may open the collection up to new audiences. They are also working with Durham University to create a 5-year semi-permanent exhibition to commemorate the regiment, which they have planned to have at the Palace Green Library. One of the problems with this is that this collection needs and deserves a permanent home, which is something that the council has to provide to it.

   Another growing concern is what will happen to the building when the museum closes, with the collection taken out and the building emptied completely. The council has made some proposals to dispose of this site for redevelopment. One of the biggest downfalls to this is that many soldiers have had their ashes scattered in those grounds, and disposing of these grounds would be of much heartache to the families of these soldiers.

   Many people in this community have family and friends who had served and had sacrificed in this regiment, along with many others. It would be heartbreaking to let these people go too far with how the collection is to be treated, as well as the grounds of the museum. If you want to help save the museum, you can sign your name at

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