What do you have to do to see some really ‘passionate about the shirt’ grass roots football where players do not cost the Earth, they play for the fun of it, and if you are good enough you could probably get a game?

People who would like more than an odd game but cannot find a team might consider talking to the Durham County Football Association (DCFA) about setting one up because they are looking for football teams that would like to take out membership for the new season. The season may be underway now but you can always ask, and there is always next year to plan for.

Many football fans are becoming a touch unhappy about the state of Premiership and Championship football because of the cost, with a season ticket for a family costing hundreds of pounds taking it out of their ability to pay, local football is gaining ground. Plus, there are some players earning more than the National debt of some small countries and that is driving up the costs. Time to go elsewhere?

The answer? Take a walk to your local amateur football club. Rest assured that you can enjoy some good quality and highly competitive football at prices that are far more sensible and folks are generally more friendly.

The Durham County Football Association is dedicated to ‘Giving access to the beautiful game in County Durham’.

There are a number of age bands each busy with activities that are great to watch and exciting to take part in. From Under 14’s to under 23’s there is something for everyone and there is a Sunday Ladies League too. There are games across the County every week end at all levels of ability.

Durham Alliance Combination Sunday Football League was established after the collapse of the former Wearside Combination League with remaining teams looking for a new ‘home’. A decision was eventually made to form a new league to be called the Durham Alliance Combination Saturday Football League. The clubs ranged from previous Durham Alliance and Wearside Combination League clubs as well as a number of new clubs. Happily, the future is looking better with the league looking to expand to 2 divisions, allowing a better chance for lower league clubs to win some silverware.

All of this means that there is a huge number of local grassroots football matches to entertain people and give support to through this excellent resource. Sport is great for the players, allowing them to gain fitness and strength, whilst being a fabulous spectator sport, with the added bonus of social contact with like minded people. This is ‘real’ football for all.


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