Whilst many of us are glued to the telly watching people balancing, dancing, swimming and doing all sorts of exhausting sports courtesy of the Rio Olympics, folks in Durham are achieving great things on roller skates.

Durham City Rolling Angels are skating up a storm and aiming high, with an entry into the British Championships 2017 firmly in their sights. Following months of recruiting and hard training these ladies are ready to rock and roll. The club now has about 20 people skating every week and of those 12 are able to play in matches, although play is not quite the word as this game can be a rough and tough one for the players but is excellent fun to watch. Durham City Rolling Angels travel all over the Country to compete, that is expensive and time consuming, not only do they need local support but they also welcome new members.

For the uninitiated, Roller Derby is a contact sport, a pair of team’s skate around a track in the same direction. The skaters attempt to get one of their members to overtake the opposing team whilst they employ a ‘jammer’ on their own team to stop the opposition from doing the same, a punch up on wheels in other words. Essentially, the two teams use strategy and some very skilful high speed skating to defend and to overtake their opponents. This international sport is exciting to watch being gladiatorial in nature whilst retaining all that is best in true sport, good clean fun, healthy exercise and fierce competition.

Riding Rollerblades - en.wikipedia.org
Riding rollerblades – courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

People who are interested in learning more about Durham City Rolling Angels should go along to the Clubs fundraiser on Sunday August 28th between 1pm and 3pm where they can meet the team and enjoy a fun afternoon out. The Club are putting on a bouncy castle plus a soft play area and face painting for the children, stalls selling all sorts of goodies, cakes on sale, and bikes and trikes. The event is being held at The Spectrum Leisure Centre in Willington. Come along and join the fun.

Durham City Rolling Angels would welcome sponsorship from local businesses to facilitate their ambition to take the good name of Durham City across the entire Country and with them into the British Championships. Interested parties should make contact.

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