A Durham Breath – Local BBC Introducing Artist – Glenn Maltman

Glenn Maltman

Glenn has been playing keyboards and composing instrumental music for over 30 years now. Born and still based in County Durham. He hails from the tiny village of Fir Tree where his father was a Police Horseman at Harperly Hall and where he spent his childhood. Currently living in Bishop Auckland, with moving closer to Durham city his goal. We caught up with Glenn to find out his story.

What does Durham mean to you?

Durham City is my favourite place to be. I studied popular music at Durham New College back in the late 80’s early 90’s.
And it was also in Durham where I discovered pubs and girlfriends 😉

I’m also a BBC Introducing artist, meaning, thanks to BBC Introducing I’ve had over 50 broadcasts of my music on BBC local (Newcastle and Tees) and National radio, Tom Robinson’s BBC 6 Music radio show.

Glenn Maltman

A Durham Breath?

I was sat at the pond in front of Durham County Hall, Durham County Councils headquarters. On a lovely spring day. Several members of staff were sitting around the pond too, eating their lunch. Suddenly a gentle breeze blew past me and through the reeds in the pond. This created a gentle ‘whoosh’ effect and reminded me instantly of a cymbal in the orchestra.

Within a few minutes, I had a melody idea, purely from that gentle breeze. And I had to mumble, rather embarrassingly, this melody idea into my mobile phone so as not to forget it.
After returning home, I managed to play and record the whole tune very quickly.
And the outcome was, “A Durham Breath”. I sell my music online and it’s been my most popular piece. With purchases and compliments coming from all over the world. It’s also my most listened/streamed track too.

I sent the tune to a huge lover of Durham, the author Bill Bryson, who very kindly told me it was “a lovely piece of music” and he then proceeded to give me some contacts of people who may be able to help me raise my Composer profile.

And this is something I’m desperately trying to do. I’ve composed for Radio, Indie film and some of my music has been used on TV in Spain, Germany, France and America. I struggle to get TV placement here in the UK but would dearly love to compose for a UK TV drama or a good upbeat TV comedy theme tune.


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