Alternative Fun Activities for Durham’s non-Olympians.

In fairness the idea of jumping from a ten-metre-high diving board even without bodily contortions is anathema to most of us, how do they teeter on the edge of that board without falling off? One would certainly do a belly flop having been forced to climb up there in the first place.

In truth we are not all athletes, and part of life’s rich tapestry is our diverse ideas about what is fun. There is a good deal of fun to be had in Durham without plunging headlong into a green (?) swimming pool.

Here are some alternatives to winning personal gold whilst having fun.

Ballroom Dancing is on the horizon with ‘Strictly’ back on TV, however there is at least one local Dancing School where aspiring Waltzers or Tango dancers can learn this lovely discipline. For people who just wish to learn ‘proper’ dancing, classes are available a bus ride away, where youngsters of any age can strut their stuff. For more advanced dancers who wish to improve and possibly become competitive there is plenty of opportunity. Not only is ballroom dancing stylish and cool, it is excellent fun, very healthy, can be done at any time of year, and is a fine discipline to learn. A bonus is that one can meet the nicest people whilst doing a quick-step. Youngsters can enjoy ballroom dancing too, and a gold medal on your CV is a grand way of showing just how smart you are.

Singing is one of life’s pleasures. For people who love to sing, why not take a look at the rich choral opportunities in the City? As with dancing choral singing is a group activity that folks can join for the pleasure of making music, this is another winter friendly activity and there are opportunities in the City. Joining with likeminded people once or twice a week to practice and maybe entertain is a fine way to have fun, meet new people, and give pleasure to others. Durham Scratch Choir is one such organisation, based in North Road, this group is a community choir that draws its members from any walk of life, their common thread is music. This fine group of singers welcomes new members, they have a web site that says so at, why not get in touch, you could have the time of your life.

Not into Music? Why not try Creative Writing? It has been said that ‘we all have a book in us’, but how does one transform the idea into a meaningful, and readable, story?

There are a number of creative writing courses in Durham mostly college based and no doubt shortly the evening classes listings will be available. Joining together with likeminded people with a common interest is stimulating and motivating, and of course good fun. There are reading groups, writer’s groups and poetry gatherings too, our Libraries are the place to look for local information, and if you cannot find one why not start your own?

Leisure pastimes are fun and whilst there may not be a ‘gong’ attached there could be a great deal more in terms of personal satisfaction. Enjoy.








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