Dancing Strictly in Support of St Cuthbert’s Hospice.

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Strictly Come Dancing is the BBC’s very own National success story that has most of us glued to the Telly between September and Christmas. Waltzing contestants, jiving professionals and outrageous judges abound, and it is great fun to watch. Even the most disinterested viewer must surely be impressed by the passion and commitment shown by the diverse celebrities, not to mention the colourful sets and wonderful music.

However, we have our very own version of Strictly on the doorstep. St Cuthbert’s Hospice is once again putting on its own version of Strictly to raise much needed funds for the Hospice.

St Cuthbert’s Hospice is a registered charity whose mission is to make every day count for those affected by life-limiting illnesses. They do so with great care and compassion in the most professional manner. The Hospice has been giving invaluable service in this way since 1998 during which time it has proved a great comfort to the people of City and Community at large.

The plan is to encourage people to learn new, or develop existing, dance skills so that they can compete at the Grand Finale show at Rainton Meadows Arena on March 8th next spring.

Ballroom dancing is a fine way to have fun, make new friends and get fit. Achieving all of these laudable aims and make money for this local Charity is a wonderful thing to do. Whether local people participate in the dancing or go along to watch, and donate to this money raining extravaganza it matters not, all are welcome. Just think, you may be so impressed by what you see, you might just decide to start a whole new hobby, and why not?

For people who do like a tango, or a cha cha cha, registration is open now for a mere £30. Why not waltz along, shimmy and dance the night away, and all in a good cause?




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