Even More Alternative Fun Activities for Durham’s non-Olympians.

For those who feel that being a couch potato is not a good life choice and would like to join like-minded people and do something useful, and good fun, there is a rich array of things to do without going outside the City.

Durham Dramatic Society is based at the City Theatre in Fowlers Yard in the heart of the City. The Society has been in existence since 1924, and has been delivering wonderful productions ever since. Membership is open to all and the Society welcomes all actors and stage crew with or without experience. Rehearsal nights are Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Set building takes place on Thursdays. Whilst one may not fancy taking a leading role, there is always plenty to do to get the show underway. Many present day actors have built sets in their time whilst dreaming of taking part on stage, and with time and effort that is a distinct possibility. Why not follow in the footsteps of Durham’s own funnyman actor Rowan Atkinson? ‘The hardest part of a journey of a thousand miles is the first step’ it is said. Enjoy your journey.

Don’t feel up to am dram? City Theatre puts on wonderful entertainment annually and live drama is fine entertainment. See you there.

Durham Youth Theatre is a resource for young would be actors between the ages of 7 years and 18 years. Drama brings out the best in young people developing their confidence and their ability to communicate, great assets for later life, and of course there is always the prospect of going on to greater things within the theatre. Durham Youth Theatre works in the areas of Drama, Dance and Music, bringing young people on through their developmental years to become rounded adults. Every am dram group needs audiences, why not support the best of local youth by spending an evening watching their latest show? Should you wish to help build sets, make tea, or wash up no doubt that would be welcome too.

Durham Musical Theatre Company has been treading the boards in Durham for over a hundred years giving great pleasure to generations of theatre goers. The Society is open to new members of all ages. There are usually a couple of shows each year and very entertaining they are too. Folks wishing to join are asked to pass a singing test, once successful they are then able audition for parts or may become part of the cast until they are ready to take a leading role.

There are local thespian groups, musical theatre groups and there is a rich wealth of talented characters working with the numerous University groups, from mainstream to alternative. For local people and visitors this all adds to the rich pattern that is local talent. Local amateur theatre offers priceless entertainment and is often said to be ‘real theatre’ and far better than the alternative. Enjoy.


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