Did You Know? The Durham Brass Band Association is 76 and Going Strong.

Durham Brass Band League Miners Gala 2007 - geograph.org.uk
Durham Brass Band League on Miners Gala 2007 - courtesy by geograph.org.uk

The Association was established in 1940, when the second World War was underway, with the aim of ‘furthering camaraderie’ amongst the Brass Bands of County Durham, the original name for the organisation was The Durham Brass Band League.

There are 20 or so Brass Bands within the Association that overlaps into Northumberland, Cumbria, Cleveland and North Yorkshire. All of the bands are comprised of volunteers and welcome new members – especially youngsters who are wanting to learn to play brass instruments, and of course supporters are also welcome. Further information about Brass Banding in Durham can be found on the Durham Brass Band Association web site. Brass banding is a proud part of our heritage taking its roots from the heavy industries that were prevalent throughout the County and to this day these good folks are playing wonderful heart stirring music whilst raising money for many good causes.

Mellifluous tones coming from instruments of brass played by people who are passionate about fine music, this is as much a part of our Northern Heritage as the masonry of the Cathedral or the Castle and is a salute to the many who have created this fine band of players over the decades.

There are Brass Band concerts coming up so that if you haven’t had you fill after the Miners Gala and The Durham 10th Brass Band Festival you can enjoy more fine music. Check the DCBBA web site for upcoming events, and there will be quite a few towards the back end of the year no doubt; Jingle Bells, need we say more?

The Association has a fine reputation for developing new talent and there is something for everyone young or not so young.

DCBBA also has a fine reputation for the competitions that are run throughout each year testing the metal of its musicians. Only through competition will the finest players reach their potential and grow as musicians.

So, with the Durham Brass festival coming up on 14th to 17th July (inclusive) there is much to see and a lot of music to listen to including the magnificent Fairey Brass Band, there is a fabulous few days of great music coming to Durham. For people who are inspired to emulate the best of British Brass band music the Durham County Brass Band Association will be happy to point you in the right direction so that next year they may just be playing in the 11th Brass Band Festival right here in Durham.

We do hope someone plays Jerusalem; ‘dark satanic mills and all…’


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