All Things in Moderation


Experts would have us believe any number of theories, academics thrive on ‘what if’ theories, after all a hypothesis really is a question about establishing what if?

If one was to believe everything that is passed down to the population through the media we would all be transfixed with terror about what we eat and drink, for example, one expert says that a glass of red wine is a death sentence, whilst another expert will say that actually a glass of red wine will stave off a heart attack. Animal fat in one’s diet is another ‘no no’ yet according to a recent new report animal fat in one’s diet is essential. Much the same was said about salt in our diet, no salt on the fish and chips? Silly idea.

Would we be here in the 21st Century if our forebears had not eaten meat, with or without the fat? Just asking. By the way how good is it that much of the world’s rain forests are being levelled to grow soya? And, then the sun came out, cover up says one opinion or die from a nasty disease, another august body says that too little sun can be equally a cause of illnesses. However, one does wonder whether Naturists suffer from over exposure to the sun, I guess they must get through a heck of a lot of high factor protective sun screen. Our due respects to anyone offended, we mean no offence.

Simply put who does one believe? An old adage goes, ‘A little of what you fancy does you good’. How true. Surely the safest bet in life is literally to take all things in moderation if that is what takes your fancy?

Too much of anything can be unpleasant, too many cream cakes and one would quickly lose interest, maybe. I little time in the sun, with sun screen, is surely the pleasant antidote to all of those short winter days when the sun is just a memory. A glass of wine now and then is a very special way to end a busy day whilst watching the world go by somewhere pleasant. Even a drop of Newcastle Brown, other beverages are available, following a hard day at work is fine, whereas a ‘skin full’ is not much fun for anyone else concerned, especially the A and E nursing staff who have to deal with the outcome only too often.

Excess is a turn off, too much of a good thing.

Have nice weekend, taking all thing in moderation and enjoy.


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