Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty?

I heard a lady on the bus say that it is only 165 days to Christmas. The person next to her said, ‘Yes, the family are going to Lanzarote on holiday, then we have…’ and continued to relate a litany of exciting events between now and the ‘Big C’. It seems for some the year is almost over whilst for others it is only part way through with many good things yet to come.

Because of current political machinations since 23rd June some view Brexit as a total disaster whilst others see an opportunity to achieve success on a larger stage. By the way, doesn’t it seem a long time since referendum day, I bet it does for David Cameron as he clears his nick knacks out of No 10?

Speaking as one who grew up in the coal fields and witnessed the damage caused to human life, but not their spirit, I believe there are many who are glad to see the back of deep mined coal.

New opportunities abound. Durham County sees the 30th anniversary of Nissan establishing their plant in Washington, thousands of jobs have been created over the past 30 years and the canny lads and lasses produced better Nissan cars than the Japanese manufacturers do back home, what a success story. To this day Nissan cars are amongst the best engineered and designed cars on the roads of Britain, and those of Europe, long may that continue.

Presently, Brian Manning of Esh Group, the North East Construction company is upbeat about the future. Mr Manning believes that whilst the Brexit vote may not have been what many companies wanted the region can ride through the EU maelstrom and come out much stronger.

As the dust settles the picture will become clearer. Whatever else GB Ltd is still a major market player on the world stage, one suspects that companies will identify the North East as a land of opportunity with a high tech, well-educated and very dedicated, professional work force that is proven to be a leader in manufacturing. With our excellent University showing the lead, and with our world class communications available, our City and County is ripe for success on the world stage. Durham City and County have earned a great reputation during the past 30years for consistent success. Glass half full!

With employers seizing opportunities and setting out to achieve success like Mr Manning the prospects for Durham are excellent.

Now then, I wonder if Big Sam will take the England job…? Glass half full, or half empty? Depends on whether you’re a Mackem I guess?



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