High Skies and the Longest Day of the Year

Earths Seasons as seen from the North
The far left image is the Summer Solstice.

We are enjoying better weather just now, long may it last. With warm sunshine giving us hot days and long pleasant evenings, sitting out with a meal or a glass of something fizzy is very pleasant.

Along with lovely warm days with high skies, high pressure systems, often comes high night skies too. For those who are interested there is much to see in our night skies once darkness falls, thankfully that occurs late on just now, when the stars come out to play. The Northern parts of the United Kingdom tend to be less affected by street lights and industrial lighting enabling folks to sit in their back garden and take in the marvel that is our night sky. Whilst it is still warm enough, try and sit out for a while, take a pair of binoculars with you and see if you can see Major Tim Peak our very own British astronaut waving as he passes overhead – the International space station can be seen in the night sky. Then there are the well-known star formations to see; the Plough for one and also the North star. There are plenty of sources of information to research for those who become keen to know more. The Durham Astronomical Society is the local amateur organisation of enthusiastic observers who meet monthly to enhance their knowledge about this science, they welcome new members. The Society also actively support the Wynyard Planetarium and Observatory at Wynyard Woodland Park, helping to arrange observing events and activities for young and old, helping people make sense of what they are seeing.

The sky at night is free, and largely ignored, but it is a wonderful sight to see, watching planets as they march across the heavens, and at this time of year a few ‘shooting stars’ and we guarantee that the picture will be better than anything on the telly!

Enjoy the high skies whilst they last, after the 21st of this month we are past the longest day. Enjoy

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