Discussing death and funeral planning can be difficult. Despite this, it is crucial to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled, and your loved ones are spared unnecessary stress.

Especially for those over 50, planning can provide peace of mind and offer financial security for loved ones. This article offers practical tips on how to approach these sensitive conversations, highlighting the benefits of over 50 life insurance as part of the planning process.


Planning is essential for managing your end-of-life arrangements. For those over 50, life insurance is a necessary consideration. It can cover funeral costs, leaving your loved ones without a financial burden during a challenging time. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates prepaid funeral plans and life insurance products to ensure they are fair and beneficial. Over 50 life insurance policies provide a fixed payout upon death, which could be used for funeral expenses or other needs. It is worth noting that the average cost of a basic funeral in the UK in 2024 is around £4,000, although it depends on where in the UK. Funerals cost over £5,000 on average in London, for instance.

Be honest and clear

Honesty and clarity are vital when discussing death and funeral planning. Use straightforward language to communicate your wishes and the reasons behind them. Explain how over 50 life insurance and other preparations can alleviate the burden on your family. Being transparent helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures that everyone is on the same page. It’s important to document these conversations and decisions, potentially in a will or a living will (an advance decision).

Listen and respect emotions

Talking about death can trigger strong emotions. Be prepared to listen actively and empathetically to your loved ones’ concerns and feelings. Acknowledging and respecting their emotions can foster a supportive environment for these discussions. Open and honest conversations about death can lead to better planning and peace of mind for everyone involved.

Discuss practical details

When discussing funeral planning, it’s important to cover practical details. This includes decisions about burial or cremation, the type of service, music, readings and any other specific wishes you might have. Discussing and documenting these preferences can ensure your funeral reflects your wishes. The trend towards more personalised and eco-friendly funerals is growing in the UK. Prepaid funeral plans can lock in current prices and provide clear instructions for your loved ones.

Seek professional guidance

Professional guidance can be invaluable in navigating the complexities of death and funeral planning. Funeral directors, estate planners and financial advisors can provide expert advice tailored to your specific needs. They can help with everything from understanding over 50 life insurance policies to ensuring your legal documents are in order. The involvement of professionals has become increasingly important as the funeral industry adapts to new trends and consumer needs.

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