At last the ‘big day’ has arrived, the European Referendum vote will happen on Thursday 23rd, and the fallout will begin. Once the counting is completed and the decision made the aftershock will occur and the inevitable in-fighting and seemingly endless analysis will continue. One wonders what will happen if the outcome is a draw?

A Doctor of Philosophy once explained to this writer about his degree in philosophy saying that ‘it is just a matter of opinion’, a droll comment by a genial academic but one that has come to mind continuously throughout the last few weeks. In the final analysis each vote cast is that individuals opinion.

Listening to the protracted arguments, threats and counter threats, the impassioned pleas and the luke warm comments, to the utter bemusement of most of us, I guess, one is saturated by the outpourings of ‘experts’ and possibly confused beyond words. When it comes down to making their choice many people who do vote will probably make up their minds in the voting booth with pencil in hand.

One thing for sure the World will not stop turning on Friday whatever the outcome, or any time soon. Life goes on, and maybe, just maybe, we might get something entertaining on telly. Presently for the poor souls who are not turned onto Football or Politics there is little worth watching, unless one is a fan of endless repeats.

As the man with the wooden leg said, ‘It is a matter of a pinion’ – apologies to anyone offended. But, the truth lies somewhere in between the two rival camps, and who one believes, or disbelieves, the most. For the man or woman in the streets what does it matter? Actually, it does matter because it affects the lives of all of us and will for at least a generation. So whatever ones opinion is it is personal, and a lot of folks around the world do not have the opportunity to have an opinion, so guard it well.

In or out, is in the end a matter of opinion, but one that will shape our Nation for years to come, and the World will still turn tomorrow. Have a great day, we hope the Sun shines for everyone.


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