New Craft Market in Durham

There will be a Craft Market held in Durham Market Place on Sunday 19th June, with a vast assortment of produce on offer. Organisers Crafts in Durham are hosting the event that will run between 11 am and 4 pm, in the delightfully refurbished Market Place. It is planned that Craft makers and artisans from all across the region will bring their wares and display them for all to see, and to buy.

This promises to be a delightful day full of colour, skilful creativity, and beautifully unique things to buy. It is expected that goods on display will include gifts, toys and decorative items, mostly hand made in natural materials, a nice divergence from the factory made stereotypical produce that adorns the shelves in many of the regular stores. In addition, there will be fine foods and drinks, and hopefully tasty handmade sweets to delight those with a sweet tooth. Craft producers are quite unique in the creative efforts that they will go to in order to make something that is ‘different’, and there is a clear love of their craft in all of their produce.

Events of this kind are well worth supporting, not only on a personal level by acquiring something ‘a bit special’, but on a community level events of this kind offer fresh produce that may otherwise not be available, and they are good for the City in bringing people into the centre to spend their money and have a good time. Similarly, the shop keepers of the City will gain exposure to more people in the Centre and benefit from the event.

Whatever the weather, take a rain coat just in case, enjoy this festival of creativity on Sunday, where you can wander happily, and safely, taking in the sights and sounds and be tempted by the scents of lovely things to eat, or to perfume the house or flat. Just go steady with the craft beers, they may be a touch tasty and potent.

Have a nice day.



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