‘Stoptober’ is the NHS Stop Smoking Challenge for 2016


Once again the NHS ‘Stoptober Campaign’ to help smokers kick the habit is upon us. The noxious weed-tobacco-causes illness and possible loss of life, and not only to the smoker personally but to people who may breathe the smoke in accidently, including children.

It is recognised that many of us want to pack it in and each October the Stoptober Campaign sets out to encourage folks to stop smoking for 28 days starting on 1st October. Once people get past the 28-day period they are far less likely to revert. Every year many thousands of people join the Campaign and try to stop, many of them continue and enjoy a tobacco free lifestyle thereafter, food tastes better, exercise is easier and family and friends can look forward to having us around for a lot longer.

If people get together and support each other quitting is easier, joining the Stoptober Campaign is a great way of building up your commitment to stop for the month and hopefully to abandon tobacco products permanently. No-one underestimates the struggle that people experience when striving to give up smoking, indeed many thousands of people have tried and failed, but that is no reason to give up trying.

If people do gather together in a work place or a club or a pub (or in a family) to stop smoking there is a lot of help in the shape of the NHS backed Stoptober challenge with free support in the shape of a Facebook page, e mail, an app, plus the NHS Stoptober web site at:  https://www.nhs.uk/smokefree/stoptober/coming_soon

With cigarettes and tobacco at an all-time high in terms of cost, and the evident and well publicised health risks, plus the unpleasant consequences of smoking, the prospect of stopping is appealing to many of us. For people who do wish to try, why not mark your calendar for 1st October and join the Stoptober Challenge 2016, you never know you may be a lot better off by this time next year and better able to enjoy it.

For more information, people are recommended to visit the NHS Smoke Free web site at: https://www.nhs.uk/smokefree where there is a great deal of useful and informative advice on living (longer) smoke free.

Good luck.


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