Durham’s £3.7m Scheme to Improve Walking and Cycling Routes

Durham County Council is embarking on a £3.7 million project to enhance walking and cycling routes throughout the city. This initiative aims to create a more cohesive and accessible network for pedestrians and cyclists, encouraging residents to reduce car usage.

Project Overview

Detailed designs are being drawn up for various sections of the project, targeting key areas across Durham. These improvements will focus on making routes to main employment, education, and tourist sites more accessible and safer for walking and cycling.

Key Areas for Improvement

The project will target several key areas within the city, including:

  • Sidegate
  • Framwellgate Waterside
  • Freeman’s Place
  • Walkergate
  • South Bailey
  • Quarryheads Lane
  • Stockton Road
  • Whinney Hill

Objectives and Benefits

Councillor Elizabeth Scott, the cabinet member for economy and partnerships at Durham County Council, highlighted the fragmented nature of the current walking and cycling routes. She stated, “This scheme will enable us to join up those routes, providing a continuous network with clearly marked cycling and pedestrian sections. It’s one of several schemes we’re delivering to make it safer and easier for people to leave the car at home and travel in and out of the city on foot or by bike.”

Funding and Timeline

The project is funded by £2.5 million from the government’s Transforming Cities Fund, with the council contributing an additional £1.2 million. Once the designs are completed, the project will go out to consultation, with work expected to be finished by March 2025.

Planned Improvements

The network improvements will include:

  • Enhancing flat kerbs
  • Tactile and corduroy paving
  • Upgraded crossing points
  • Improved road markings and signs
  • Better crossing facilities
  • Installation of flush surfaces

Final thoughts

This ambitious project by Durham County Council aims to create a more connected and safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists. By encouraging sustainable modes of transport, the city hopes to reduce congestion and improve overall quality of life for its residents.

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