Durham County Council has been battling to keep roads open and services functioning in the face of what experts have described as “an historic episode of winter weather”.

Heavy snows, winds of up to 45 miles per hour and snowdrifts up to 15 feet deep have led to extremely challenging conditions all across County Durham.

Gritting Crews are working around the clock to grit and plough priority one routes, but a significant number of roads remain closed. Motorists are advised to travel only if their journeys are absolutely necessary.

At the time of writing, the following routes are closed:

  • A689 – Cowshill to Alston, Cumbria, closed at Cowshill
  • B6295 – Cowshill to Allenheads, Northumberland, closed at Cowshill
  • C21 – Rookhope to Allenheads, Northumberland, closed at Rookhope
  • B6278 – Stanhope to Edmundbyers, closed at Crawleyside, Stanhope and Edmundbyers
  • C16 – Stanhope to Castleside, closed at Crawleyside, Stanhope and Horseleyhope, Castleside
  • B6278 – Stanhope to Egglestone, closed at Stanhope and Egglestone
  • B6277 – Teesdale to Cumbria, closed at Middleton
  • B6276 – Teesdale to Cumbria, closed at Middleton
  • C27 – St John’s Chapel to Landon Beck, closed at St John’s Chapel and Landon Beck
  • C28 – Westgate to Newbiggin, closed at Westgate and Newbiggin
  • C77 – Rookhope to Irishopeburn, closed at Rookhope and Irishopeburn
  • C78 – Rookhope to Westgate, closed at Rookhope and Westgate
  • C18A – Crook to Stanley Crook, closed at Crook and Stanley
  • C11 – Quaking Houses to Burnhope
  • C11 – Holmeside Lane, Quaking Houses to Wagtail Lane, Craghead
  • A6076 – Causey Road, Shield Row
  • B6277 – Cotherstone to Lartington
  • A179 – southbound slip onto A19 Sheraton Interchange
  • C18A – Church Hill Bank, Crook
  • A690 – Low Jobs Hill to Church Hill, Crook
  • Low Jobs Hill to B6299

The heavy snow is still making it difficult for Durham County Council’s refuse and recycling teams to carry out their normal duties.

Residents who have not had their bins emptied are advised to take them back in. They will be emptied in two weeks’ time and any additional rubbish that has accumulated will also be taken away then.

Residents should continue to put their bins out on their scheduled day. More information about refuse collections can be accessed at www.durham.gov.uk/mydurham.

Middleton in Teesdale Household Waste Recycling Centre is still closed, but Anfield Plain has now reopened.

snow durham
A gritter battles deep snow in County Durham

Temporary accommodation has been provided for Durham City’s small population of rough sleepers. The council is cooperating with local charities to make sure beds and warm drinks are available for those that need them.

Many of County Durham’s schools are still closed. Parents are advised to check the council’s website or its Facebook and Twitter feeds for more information and updates.

While care staff are prioritising essential visits, people are encouraged to check on any elderly or vulnerable friends, relatives or neighbours who they suspect might need assistance.

All the county’s leisure centres and libraries are open today, along with Durham’s Gala Theatre, Durham Town Hall and Bishop Auckland Town Hall. People planning to visit such places are, however, advised to phone ahead to make sure services are still operating.

Telephone contact centres and customer access points continue to operate as normal.

For updates, please go to www.durham.gov.uk, facebook.com/durhamcouncil or twitter.com/DurhamCouncil.  

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  1. Thanks for the coverage. I run DurhamWeather.Co.Uk and i’ve included a link to this story in my pages. It was certainly an interesting spell of weather but it never ceases to amaze me how modern life is still paralyzed by a bit of snow!


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