First Female Head Ranger Appointed At Northumberland National Park

First Female Head Ranger Appointed At Northumberland National Park
Margaret Anderson

Northumberland National Park Authority has appointed Margaret Anderson as their new Head Ranger, following Paget Lazzari announcing his retirement after 32 years with the National Park.

Mr. Lazzari started working for the National Park in 1983 as a seasonal warden, before becoming a full-time Ranger in 1989. He was situated to the south of the Park, maintaining, and working around Hadrian’s Wall, a highlight being his involvement in the creation and layout of the Hadrian’s Wall Path – ensuring footpaths and rights of way were sensitive to the archaeological integrity of the landscape.

Known locally by communities and colleagues for his in-depth knowledge of the history and ecology of the landscape, Mr. Lazzari has trained a number of Rangers and shared his expertise with students and community groups from across the region over the years.

Ms. Anderson has worked a number of roles at the National Park for 15 years, including administration, planning, and volunteer coordination, and has been a ranger since 2008. She grew up on a farm at the edge of the Park and continues to live and farm in the community with her family.

She will be responsible for the management of the Ranger team across the Park, connecting and liaising with farmers, residents, and the public on the issues that affect them within the Park, as well as ensuring rights of way and visitor sites are safe and accessible. Additionally, Ms. Anderson will be supporting the implementation of sustainable land management methods across the Park.

First Female Head Ranger Appointed At Northumberland National Park
Mr. Lazzari

Mr. Lazzari said: “I feel very privileged to have had a job like this. From starting as a seasonal warden to a full-time Ranger, you learn your craft on the job, and I hope I have imparted that knowledge to the next generation of Rangers.

Being a Ranger is more than just maintaining the land, you are the face of the Park for farmers, residents, and the public. We are on the ground, ensuring everyone who experiences the Park’s unique qualities are safe.

I wish Margaret the best of luck in her new role, it’s been great to see her role evolve during her time at the Park, and I’m leaving it in good hands.”

Ms. Anderson said: “I am absolutely thrilled to have been given the job of Head Ranger. The Park has been a huge part of me my whole life, and I am excited to take it into its next chapter.

As part of the National Park community myself, I know how important our landscape is, and I look forward to helping ensure that is protected and conserved for generations to come.

I would like to thank Paget for his mentorship and invaluable knowledge and support for me. He is leaving rather big shoes to fill!”

Tony Gates, Chief Executive of Northumberland National Park Authority said: “We are sad to say farewell to Paget, who has been a monumental figure and character for many in the Park over the years. We all owe him a great deal, and I don’t think anyone could replace his knowledge and passion for the Park.

We are thrilled to welcome Margaret into the role of Head Ranger and we’re sure her energy, enthusiasm, and love of Northumberland National Park will be a great asset for the future of the Park.”

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