Put a Spring in your Step this Easter by Visiting Adventure Valley’s Easter Egg-Stravaganza!

Come join the Adventure Valley for a day of joy, laughter and meeting cute bunnies and baby goats.

Dull rain or bright sunshine, you will find the Easter garden painted with beautiful colour, wicker baskets filled with delicious chocolate eggs, tall standing sunflowers to make all visitors gape all around their surroundings.

From the 6th of April to the 22nd, Adventure Valley is hosting a wonderful, exciting extravaganza for families to come along to enjoy. With daily shows to entertain everyone of all ages, this day out is not to be missed!

Upon entering Adventure Valley, you will find yourself spoilt for choice for the amazing activities to take part in. Petting fluffy Easter bunnies, eating succulent sweets and devouring rich chocolate eggs will for sure entice families to make this a tradition to visit to this wonderful resort.

The play area consists of miles for young children run, skip and play until their hearts content. Intriguing fortes, speedy go-kart tracks and thrill-seeking rides is enough to get anyone’s heart racing with excitement and pure happiness.

Daily shows that features a BRAND-NEW blindfold challenge and brilliant bubble shows are also displayed for the hungry eyes of new visitors. As well as that, an enchanting, eye-opening magic show will capture the attention of visitors who will be wanting to come back again and again! The shows will be taking place every day in the show time theatre (Busy Bees Farm).

The park is opened from 10am- 5pm, every Saturday to Friday. Easter bank holiday is also open at their regular opening times.

For further details about the ticket prices visit: https://www.adventurevalley.co.uk/

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