After GCSE Results Day, the process of taking those exams is about to begin for this September’s new batch of students. Can you help them to succeed next year?

It’s precisely because grades open doors that GCSE results day matters so much. For pupils to progress into further education, employment or training, they need at least to meet national standards in English and maths. Charities like Action Tutoring focus relentlessly on supporting those at risk of just missing out on these pass grades, because without them, prising those doors to opportunity open becomes much harder.

Education in this country isn’t perfect. There is help out there for children who need it, but connecting them with the right resources at the right time is a nationwide challenge: a challenge that Action Tutoring tackles head-on.

Action Tutoring provides volunteer English and maths tutors to work with 1-3 pupils for an hour a week, across 10-20 weeks. Sessions are either delivered on the school premises or online, at the same time each week.

Volunteering for just one hour per week is a rewarding way to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged young people. Expanding access to quality tutoring is the key lever to recovering lost learning time and closing the attainment gap.

Make an impact while building your skills through volunteer tutoring.
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