The beauty sector is a crowded market, but finding your place in it can be lucrative.

The beauty and self-care industry in the UK is predicted to be worth around $16.95 billion which equates to roughly £13.38 billion. 

Beauty awards are a great way to help your business stand out and meet potential new clients so participating could be a game-changer for your success. 

Crafting your vision and mission 

Before you can enter any awards, you need to find your passion and focus for your business. You may be qualified in a specific skill, such as acrylic nail sets. This is a good starting point as you can slowly add more services such as pedicures, waxing or eyebrow treatments as you expand your skills. 

By having a clear vision in mind, you will be able to grow your business in an organic way to fulfil your goals. 

Providing exceptional customer service

The key to a successful business is exceptional customer service. You should create an environment where your customers feel relaxed and valued. This can be achieved with the salon itself, your staff and small additions like a cup of coffee whilst they wait or complimentary head massages with a hair wash.

These touches are the things that people remember. If you enter awards where customers vote, you want your customers to be as happy as possible so that they pass that on. 

The power of beauty awards 

Validation and recognition

Awards are a great way for your business to be recognized for its excellence. Even being nominated can act as a stamp of approval from official bodies which helps to validate the quality of your services. 

Many businesses will proudly display any recognition they receive to showcase how great they are. This will help to attract new customers who want a quality service. 

Marketing and exposure

Competitions offer a chance for you to show off your skills and creativity. If, for example, your salon is incredible at vivid hair dyes, then new customers will seek out the best. Being able to show that you have been nominated for, or won, an award for vivid hair colours will help new footfall come in the door. 

Awards are also a great way to stand out against a crowded market, allowing you to have a unique feature that many others don’t. 

Networking opportunities

Award ceremonies often result in events with lots of industry professionals. Although this can be a night to celebrate, don’t forget to get networking. You will meet dozens of potential connections which could lead to numerous expansion opportunities and exciting collaborations. Both of these can contribute to your business growth and success. 

Elevating your brand 

Being associated with prestigious awarding bodies can help your customers see your business in an even more favourable light. It lets them know that your business is at the forefront of trends and innovation, as well as delivering flawless results. 

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