After enduring a harrowing ordeal where she suffered life-threatening injuries from a dog attack, Babe, a three-year-old English Bulldog, has undergone reconstructive ear surgery and months of rehabilitation.

Now fully recovered, she’s beginning her journey to find a loving new home. During her time at the RSPCA’s Felledge Animal Centre in Chester Moor, Babe has won the hearts of the staff, becoming a beloved member of the centre.

A vet said her ear would have become necrotic and fallen off and she may even have died of septicemia had her injuries not been treated. The matter was reported to the RSPCA after the owner had failed to seek immediate veterinary care for the horrific injuries.

Despite her ordeal, Babe has been described as a friendly and cheeky dog who loves doing zoomies and makes people laugh every day.

Babe newest

Luka Atkinson, Deputy Manager at Felledge, said: “When she arrived Babe had severe injuries to her head, neck and legs that had been sustained from being attacked by another dog. Surgery was the only way her badly damaged ear could be saved, fortunately, this was successful and she came to us shortly afterwards to start her recuperation.

“Her physical wounds took several weeks to heal but the mental scars have taken longer for her to recover from, although she’s made great progress in the ten months she’s been in our care and is now a happy, fun and playful little dog.

“She’s very friendly and sociable once she gets to know you and she makes the staff here laugh every day. She can, however, be a little wary of strangers and will need ongoing support with this in her new home.

“It means that anyone interested in adopting her will need to be prepared to make several visits to the centre to get to know her and build up a bond.

“Babe walks nicely on the lead and knows how to sit and give a paw. She is also a big fan of toys.”

Because of her experience, she is understandably wary of other dogs and will need to be rehomed as the only pet in the household where there will be no visiting animals. People who have had previous experience of her breed would be ideal, although this is not essential.  She can also live with older teenagers aged 16+

Prospective adopters can visit the centre’s website to fill out an application form. All of the animals looking for a new home at Felledge can also be viewed online

This year the RSPCA celebrates its 200th birthday. To mark this special anniversary the charity wants to inspire one million people to join their movement to improve animals’ lives. To find out how you can get involved visit

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