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Durham Gala Theatre - Image Courtesy of Creative Commons
Durham Gala Theatre - Image Courtesy of Creative Commons

Durham City is the home of the arts. With the Gala Theatre on everyone’s doorstep offering you more than the eye can see with feature films, plays, short films and more. Situated on the banks of River Wear, this £15 million building brings culture and diversity to Durham city. What more could you want?

Well what about the world’s latest female hero?

The Gala Theatre has opened its doors once again for the world of superheroes to fill the hearts of the many comic book fans of the North East; and we were not left disappointed. Captain Marvel opens a new demographic for the female viewers as Brie Larson becomes the first Marvel actress to have her own feature length film. And let me tell you, we’re impressed. With the domestic total for the latest hit (as of March 26th 2019) being $327,977,294 fans from across the North East have been waiting with anticipation for it to hit our very own big screen. Carol Danvers – played by the amazingly talented Brie Larson – cultivates the vulnerability, strength and endurance that any superhero would need.

But this isn’t the first time that Durham has welcomed the world of Marvel to the city. Two years ago, Durham city was given the amazing opportunity to have the historic Durham Cathedral become one of the filming locations for Avengers: Infinity War. We had fans from all corners of the city travelling to the Cathedral on a daily basis, trying to catch a glimpse of the supreme superheroes. A few fans were successful, meeting the actors at the Ramside Hall Hotel for the infamous photos and signatures.

But what does the showcase of Captain Marvel do for Durham?

Captain Marvel has posted the biggest weekend debut in the UK since Avengers: Infinity War. With the film reaching the number one spot in the UK, we can only expect to see a sea of fans splashing the cash for a seat at the theatre. Although there are only a few cinema screens within the Gala Theatre (and these screens all being on the smaller side), we shouldn’t expect for the profits to be small. Personally, a smaller screen means more show times and a higher chance of the theatre selling out – which then in turn will leave the fans feeling pleased with their experience. From ticket prices to beverages and sweets, the Gala Theatre definitely doesn’t have to worry about empty seats.

Also, Captain Marvel has been given a 12A rating. For those of you that don’t know what this entails, it includes the infrequent use of language, themes must be suitable for children and teenagers, and violence must not be focussed on injuries and/or blood. With this rating given to the feature film, we can expect it to push the sales even higher for the Gala Theatre. Not only can the comic books fans of the city see the film, but children who grow up with these superheroes as their idols also can too. This then in turn can open up an opportunity for the theatre to rake in even more notes through the sales of merchandise to anyone willing to pay – which includes myself.

So, the Gala Theatre is playing its cards right this superhero season, and don’t seem to be stopping soon.

Captain Marvel will be shown in the Gala Theatre until Thursday 4th April, so be sure to check it out while you still can!

To learn more about upcoming releases at the Gala and for the opportunity to buy tickets for Captain Marvel, please go to or telephone 03000 266 600.

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