Right before you dash off and do that important thing, here, have a cuppa and enjoy some YouTube videos. Just a few minutes…

1. Durham Cathedral from the air

This is how Durham Cathedral looks to a lanky giraffe on stilts, which is the only way I know of to get this kind of camera footage. For a closer look at the recent illumination window by Mel Howse, here is a three-part short documentary.

2. Sedgefield Ball Game 2016

Durham Telly is a great channel that has unfortunately been on hiatus for a while now. They’ve got loads of unique clips of life in Durham going back years, and what better way to present Durham at its finest than a crowd of men keeping tradition alive and fighting courageously in the streets over a small leather ball.

3. Winter Maintenance in Durham

As the old quote by Samuel Peyps goes, “when a man is tired of videos produced by Durham Council about winter maintenance in Durham, he is tired of life”. When you think school or work is going to be canceled due to snow, but the roads turn out to be clear despite the weather, you have these hard-working gentlemen to blame.

4. Durham Brass Festival 2011 – 2010

Durham’s annual Brass Festival is always a bit of a disappointment for dyslexic people who came to see ladies in lingerie, but otherwise, it’s a cracking event with perfect weather every year.

5. Lumiere Durham Light Festival

As we all know, Durham is the home of the lightbulb, which is why we have a festival of lights where we can walk around saying “yep, invented that” in the fresh air. We picked this 2017 video because the channel that made it normally makes videos about preparing delicious Asian food. That may not seem to have much to do with the Festival, but I’m hungry.

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Cover Photo by Parker Byrd on Unsplash

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