A Hartlepool funeral home extends an invitation to locals for its monthly support group, tailored to offer assistance to individuals facing loneliness or grappling with the challenges of grief and bereavement.

Co-op Funeralcare Hartlepool’s free-to-attend Comfort Café has announced the next date for its popular support group after seeing unprecedented demand following its launch last month.

The funeral home will open its doors to the people of Hartlepool on Friday 17 November from 10-12pm, where they are invited to join the friendly and welcoming group for a cup of tea and a chat with like-minded individuals about their own experiences of isolation or loss.

Last month saw the attendance of vital community groups including the local social services.

Craig Laughton, Funeral Service Manager at Co-op Hartlepool Funeralcare said: “Working in funeral care, I am constantly in contact with bereaved families who ask about support with processing grief, and the team and I want to help as much as we can.

“We understand how difficult it can be to manage the loss of a loved one, and this time of year especially sees many people feeling lonely – which is why we created the Comfort Café. The group provides people with a safe space to discuss their feelings with others who are in a similar situation. Nobody is forced to speak or share guidance with others, but sometimes I think even just being in a room with like-minded people can do the world of good.

“I’d encourage anyone in the community who is feeling isolated or who is trying to navigate the loss of a loved one to get in touch – we’re here for you.”

The success of the Comfort Café follows recent research by Co-op Funeralcare, which revealed that death remains the ultimate taboo topic for 32 million Brits.
The next bereavement café in Hartlepool will take place on Friday 17 November from 10-12pm. To find out more, please contact [email protected].

Co-op Funeralcare offers a range of advice and support, from the ins and outs of arranging a funeral to how to take care of yourself when grieving. In partnership with Cruse Bereavement Support, Co-op has also created a collection of online guides to help support those dealing with grief who may not feel ready to join a support group.

To access the full collection of guides, click here.

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