Government Introduces Historic Alcohol Tax Shake-Up to Support Pubs and Breweries
Richard Holden MP enjoying a pint in North West Durham

Presently, the Government is safeguarding the cost of a pint by augmenting the benevolence of Draught Relief.

This enhancement implies that the alcohol duty levied on a drink served on tap at a pub will be reduced by up to 11p per pint compared to the price in a supermarket.

This is just one part of the biggest shake-up of alcohol taxation in over a century – with the system being simplified so all drinks will now be taxed according to strength. Drinks such as sparkling wines, ciders, draught fruit ciders, liqueurs and ready-to-drink spirits – like a pre-mixed gin and tonic – will see their duty cut.

Our pubs, clubs and breweries are the beating heart of our towns and villages. You could not imagine life without them, not just in North West Durham but across the country. However, since the pandemic and the illegal war in Ukraine created staff shortages and price rises, the hospitality sector has had an incredibly tough time.

Ever since being elected MP, supporting our beloved pubs and hospitality sector is something Richard has taken incredibly seriously. From leading calls for more support in the pandemic, to successfully campaigning to have draft beer duty lowered, to running his popular ‘North West Durham Pub of the Year’ competition, this is the latest in a long line of Richard’s successful delivery for the sector.

Because of Richard’s strong track record campaigning on this important issue, he was on the airwaves announcing to the nation this morning.

Richard Holden MP said:

“This is the biggest change to alcohol duty in over 140 years, going from an incredibly complex system to one which will save our beloved pubs, clubs and breweries and their customers up to 10% on their pints.

“Our pubs and clubs are so important to our local culture as well as the economy. I want to see more people through their doors, which these changes will encourage.

“This change levels out the unfair advantage supermarkets had over our pubs and clubs. This will support customers as well as the wider hospitality sector by putting more money on their balance sheets. It is a huge win for everyone.”

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