North West Durham Set for EV Revolution with £3.1m Investment in Charging Points
RICHARD HOLDEN MP - Recently Appointed Party Chairman

Following a successful pilot scheme in October, in which Durham County Council received over £1,500,000, Durham County Council is set to receive over £3,000,000 more which will go towards constructing over 300 charge points for electric vehicles in County Durham.

Durham County Council is set to receive a £3,125,000 investment from the Government to boost our electric vehicle charge point infrastructure as part of a £22,000,000 national investment, which will also attract nearly £17,000,000 in additional private investment. This fantastic boost to the network will turbocharge North West Durham’s transport infrastructure but will also encourage more people than ever to switch to electric vehicles. In County Durham alone, this will fund the construction of well over 300 charge points.

The Government has already spent over £2 billion to support the move to zero emission vehicles. Today’s funding will add a further 2,400 charge points across the country, helping drive forward the decarbonisation of the UK’s entire transport system.

Already over 1 in 5 new cars need charging, so this huge investment by the Government more than reflects this trend. Today, a driver is never more than 25 miles away from a rapid chargepoint anywhere along England’s motorways and A roads, making electric vehicles more viable than ever before.

Commenting, Richard Holden MP said:

“I enthusiastically welcome this considerable funding into our area. It will, no doubt, have a transformative impact on levelling up our transport infrastructure and will make electric vehicles a viable option for more people than ever in our area.

“Encouraging anyone to make the switch to green electric vehicles is always great but it is particularly good to see our area is just one of 16 local authorities to get this funding, with County Durham receiving the 2nd highest amount of any local authority in the country.

“This local investment is part of an important national trend and I look forward to seeing the tangible impact this broader direction will undoubtedly have across the country, but particularly here in County Durham.”

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