RSPCA Rescues Orphaned Fox Cub Found with Heartbreaking Note
Orphaned Fox Cub

A fox cub left without a mother, was saved after being discovered alongside a road accompanied by a handwritten plea, “My mum died – help me.”

Located in Langley Moor, Durham, on Wednesday (24 May), the cub was found enclosed in a carrier. The individual responsible for placing the cub in the carrier and writing the note on a Greggs paper bag remains unknown.

RSPCA Rescues Orphaned Fox Cub Found with Heartbreaking Note
The note

Shane Lynn, an animal rescue officer from the RSPCA, took charge of the fox and promptly arranged for a thorough examination at a veterinary clinic. The cub received a clean bill of health and is presently under the care of an RSPCA wildlife centre.

Shane said: “It is heartbreaking what happened to this poor fox cub – but we are so grateful that he was found and is now in a safe place where he can recuperate.

“It is very sad that he isn’t growing up in the wild with his mum but we are so grateful to all the members of the public for contacting us about him and taking the time to rescue and save his life. It’s a lovely reminder that there are so many wildlife friends out there.”

While the sunny weather has put smiles on the faces of most, spring also means busy season is arriving for the RSPCA’s officers and wildlife centre staff as this time of year the charity sees a surge in calls about baby wild animals and birds. It’s not uncommon to see baby animals on their own during the spring baby boom.

RSPCA Rescues Orphaned Fox Cub Found with Heartbreaking Note
Orphaned Fox Cub

The charity is grateful to any member of the public that takes the time to contact them about animals they fear need help. However, it is essential to remember that not all young animals need rescuing and many would be better off being left where they are and monitored for as long as possible as the parents are usually nearby.

If you see a wild animal you believe could be orphaned, the RSPCA urges the public to keep monitoring them as their mum will probably be nearby. If after 24 hours there is no sign of their parents, visit the website for further advice.

Wildlife is under threat – but we all have the power to change that. The RSPCA’s garden at the Chelsea Flower Show has been inspiring people across the country to create their own wildlife sanctuary at home; so that together we can help more wild animals thrive. Find out more on the RSPCA’s website.

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