In the UK each year, it’s estimated that households throw away an incredible 15 million tonnes of food and drink.

And it’s thought that about half of this waste would be perfectly fine for people to consume.

With such figures in mind, families in County Durham are being invited to take part in a challenge.

The Food Waste Challenge is a fun way for households to reduce their food waste and rethink their approach to shopping, storing and cooking food.

Organised by Durham County Council, the Food Waste Challenge will involve ten families being given shopping vouchers worth £40 to spend on kitchen products like blenders and storage containers.

It’s hoped such equipment will help them save unused food and create extra meals from it.

Families taking part can attend a free cookery workshop and the council’s waste management team will be offering them tips and guidance on managing food supplies.

The challenge will run for four weeks and those households who finish it will be given an extra £20 in shopping vouchers as a thank you for participating.

Durham County Council’s cabinet member for neighbourhoods and local partnerships, Cllr Brian Stephens, said, “Every year households in the UK throw away 15 million tonnes of food and drink, nearly half of which could have been eaten.”

“Activities such as the Food Waste Challenge are a great way to raise awareness of the issue and we would encourage everyone to visit our website for top tips on how to reduce waste and save themselves money.”

Families who would like to take part in the Food Waste Challenge should email [email protected] by Sunday 24th February.

For tips on how to save money by reducing waste, please go to

(The featured image shows Rachel Gatland and Vicky Bell from Durham County Council’s strategic waste team with food waste chef Rachel Markham.)  

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