If Only I Had Done Things Differently?

Luck on Your Side
Luck on Your Side Now what is the opportunity cost of not backing Americas Trump card for President?

I often wonder about the folks who just missed out on a once in a lifetime choice. How do Steve Sutcliffe and Pete Best feel deep down about the twist of fate that sees them as the fifth or sixth Beatle that never was? Both were part of the fabled band that played the Cavern Club. The Beatles went on to make a few million apiece and Messrs Best and Sutcliffe did not. What stroke of fortune made Ringo the Beatle and world renowned drummer?

We read from time to time of the poor souls who got fed up with being part of a National Lottery syndicate and left it days before it won ‘the big prize.’ Putting on a brave face would be tough when your buddies have just won a million. Tough luck.

My mother-in-law would often proclaim she had missed out on the bingo top money prize by one number. Had she picked the correct number she would have been tickled pink, and richer by far.

Life is full of choices, we get some right and we get some wrong. Because we get some wrong is that reason enough to not bother again? Some choices, decisions, are odds against, winning the National Lottery big prize for example, one has more chance of striking oil in Durham, and yet we still buy tickets. The what if factor is a powerful motivation and the cost of not taking the opportunity is called ‘opportunity cost.’

If Durham CC had believed that they would always be a ‘minor county’ they would not now be fifth in the Division One table of the County Championship.

Today we have a success story in the shape of Shaun Pulfrey, a young man who dared to dream. Shaun was turned down by the Dragons Den television programme, when he attempted to launch his business idea, the Tangle Teaser. Not off put by rejection this young man has succeeded in turning his dream into a massive £200 million business success. Had he accepted defeat his opportunity cost would be £200 million, which shows that success is about belief and not giving in, more than anything to do with luck.

Many a person in Durham, student or otherwise, has a dream, a burning idea that could just be the next ‘Tangle Teaser.’

The important thing is to believe, plan carefully and do not take ‘No’ for an answer. The opportunity cost is for those who don’t try, there is a motto that is quite well known and I borrow it in the hope that the SAS will not come calling, ‘Who dares wins.’

With businesses growing apace and expansion happening all around us needing support networks, all creating job opportunities, catering and security services and much more, Durham is a grand place to start. We wish you success.

Now what is the opportunity cost of not backing Americas Trump card for President?





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