Feeding Young People’s Aspirations and Developing Their Career Prospects.

Continuing the theme of young people seeking excitement, engagement, and fun activities, it is only right to point to some more excellent Cadet schemes being operated in the City of Durham and elsewhere in the County.

The Durham Fire and Rescue Service operate a fine Cadet scheme for you people with an interest in a career in this vital service. The Young Firefighters Association has been in existence for many years, enabling young people to learn about the practicalities of Fire and Rescue, develop an understanding of what makes the service tick and develop a knowledge based desire to join the service fully in tune with the ethos and the camaraderie that is central to this essential service. YFA is a fully inclusive opportunity, uniformed, and open to young people from the age of 13 yrs. to 17 yrs.

The main aims of the scheme are: • To aid personal development physically, mentally and socially • To help to develop discipline, social conscience and community awareness • To promote leadership qualities and team building skills.

Firefighting skills, knowledge of the fire triangle, what to do in an emergency and first aid are all skills worth developing whatever ones plans for the future. Whether a youngster wishes to join the service in time or not membership of this fine association will make good reading on a CV or application form whatever the future career choice may be.

Durham Constabulary operates a Police Cadet programme for youngsters between 13 yrs. and 17 yrs., with similar aims. The Police Cadets are fully inclusive and clearly based upon an eventual career choice for young people who join. Police Cadets is a uniformed organization with a strong educational ethos guiding young people toward a service based career. Opportunities exist within the Police Cadets to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme (DofE) with the opportunity to reach for Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards – they look very impressive on a CV or when applying for career choices in future.

Air Training Corps, (ATC) 234 City of Durham Squadron, is for young people with an interest in Flying and the Royal Air Force as a possible future opportunity to see the World. The ATC is a fully inclusive Youth Organization whose purpose is to educate and train young people for future life with the RAF or elsewhere. There is so much to do with many fun activates including flying gliders, attending Camps on RAF bases, plus a great social life amongst new friends. The age group for entrants is between 12 yrs. and 20 yrs.

Youth development programmes are designed to develop confidence, leadership skills, communications skills, hands on knowledge of an area of interest, and create opportunities for future career choices. They also offer great excitement, fine adventures, wonderful chances to make new friends whilst have a great time enjoying themselves. What could be better?



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