Reach Out Care Given Outstanding Rating

The Reach Out Care were given an Outstanding rating by Ofsted
The Reach Out Care team celebrating an "Outstanding" rating by Ofsted
  • Reach Out Care, part of National Fostering Group, has received an “Outstanding” rating by Ofsted, previously awarded “Good” in July 2018
  • The organisation has worked hard to make improvements for the lives of children across the north-east
  • The report said “the agency has an exemplary education support service”

Reach Out Care, part of National Fostering Group, based in the North-East, has been rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted. Of particular note was the organisation’s leadership as well as how children and young people are helped and protected, their progress made and their overall experiences.

Its rating improved from Good when it was last inspected in July 2018. The organisation strives to deliver high standards of quality care, and the best possible outcomes for children and young people being cared for by their foster parents.

According to the Ofsted report, Reach Out Care have committed to its principles by ensuring the agency’s foster carers feel exceptionally well supported, particularly those who are new to the role through their “buddy system”.

The report also said that “the support the agency provides to children helps to keep children increasingly safe.” Foster carers repeatedly said they felt supported by the agency through breakfast clubs, afternoon teas, walks and single carers’ support groups.

In the last Ofsted report in 2018, it was suggested that although the agency’s work on childhood education was good, there remained room for improvement in this area; in particular, to improve educational underachievement among young people in their care. This area was refined in the 2023 report. The report said, “the agency has an exemplary education support service”, with one social worker commenting that it was a “huge achievement that one child was sitting their GCSE exams.”

All children who were 16 years old at the time of the inspection were attending further education, training, or employment, and two young adults have university placements. The support provided to children and young adults helps to significantly improve their life chances.

“We want nothing more than to see the children in our care flourish and for us to be able to support them to reach their potential. We strive to improve year on year and to receive an Outstanding rating from Ofsted reflects the quality of our care and our commitment to helping more young people in the area. We hope this will encourage more people to find out about fostering with Reach Out Care.”
said Rebecca Stratton, Registered Manager for Reach Out Care.

The full report from Ofsted can be read at

About Reach Out Care

Reach Out Care will equip you with everything you need to offer children and young people in your care the best opportunities for living the life they deserve and prepare them for a happy and independent adulthood.

During the assessment process to become a foster carer with Reach Out Care, you will have the opportunity to discuss the kind of fostering you want to do. Our foster carers receive exceptional training and support to make the role genuinely rewarding experience for you and your family, and equally positive for the child in your care.

Your marital status, sexuality, age, and other factors like whether you are a homeowner or have a disability, do not impact on your suitability to become a foster carer with Reach Out Care or any other National Fostering Group agency I wouldn’t say this sentence is strictly true, can it be re-worded – if someone has just moved in with a partner or just split up from a long term partner then we wouldn’t go ahead right now, or if a person’s disability was very limiting then we wouldn’t be able to go ahead. We are only concerned with your ability to develop and care for a child, keep a child safe and work as part of a passionate professional fostering network.

Once you’re approved, we’ll work hard to ensure children and young people coming into your care are well matched in terms of your existing skills, experience, and knowledge.

Our foster carers can claim a wide range of perks and benefits, like free membership to The Fostering Network, Max Cards, high street discounts, invitations
to family activities and events, and much more.

About National Fostering Group

With over 20 years of experience in foster care, National Fostering Group is the largest independent fostering agency in the UK, with the largest community of foster parents. Across the country, we work with local authorities to provide high quality foster care to children and young people in need.

National Fostering Group is committed to building incredible futures for vulnerable children and young people in the UK by empowering them to be happy and make their way in the world. They achieve this by providing foster parents with excellent skills and genuine commitment, who can give children in need a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment where they can thrive and be happy.

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